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2024 Warhawk Crew 'Ergatta' Erg-A-Thon

The Annual Ergatta Challenge is ON!

This year's friendly Ergatta Competition will include 3 schools: James Madison, Oakton, and South County! Hosted by the Oakton High School Cougars on Saturday, 20 January 2024 (8-11A). This is an exciting way for the 3 Fairfax County High Schools to compete ahead of the racing season and an opportunity for our team to raise necessary funding. 

What is an Ergatta?

Instead of a Regatta, it is what the Warhawk Crew team does during the offseason, when it's too cold to be training on the water. Teams compete in a variety of relay races on "ergs," an ergometer - rowing machine - hence, 'Ergatta.'

How the Competition Works

The Ergatta will take the place of regular practice on 20 January and the entire team is expected to participate. Each rower will complete a 20-minute erg piece, totaling as meany meters as they can reasonably finish in that timeframe. At the end of the competition, the TEAM AVERAGE will be compared to the other high school team's average, and the winner gets friendly bragging rights until next year's competition. 

What's Different this Year?

Throughout its 20-year history, Warhawk Crew has a reputation as a team built upon hard work and focused training, while maintaining academic excellence. Our dedicated student-athletes have shown incredible determination, resilience, and sportsmanship. We need your support to keep the momentum going and especially this year, Warhawk Crew needs your help more than ever! This year's Ergatta is a fundraising event for Warhawk Crew

A boat on a dock

Why Now?

Most recently, the crew fleet of launch boats were assessed and determined the condition is not safe and will not be able to operate in the capacity for which they were designed. Launch boats are used as safety & rescue vehicles to follow the rowers during practice and regattas and perform as an emergency vessel should a rowing shell capsize. The current fleet is made up of 8 different launch boats ageing from 1972 to 2000 (yes, one of the boats is 51 years old!) and we are hoping to raise enough funding to replace at least 4 of the boats to keep the program afloat (pun intended). 

How You Can Help...

If you're looking for a good cause to donate to, please consider donating to our program during this Ergatta fundraiser. Help ensure our student-athlete rowers remain safe with the equipment needed to keep on rowing and we're able to keep or memberships dues low, so our program is also accessible to lower income families. It truly is a great sport which educates individuals about the power of teamwork and breeds future leaders.

Our goal this year is to raise at least $40,000. That's a big goal, but with your help, we really believe we can make it, any donation counts. Your generosity fuels our success, and we're incredibly grateful for your support!