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Top 10 Reasons to Rent (or Buy) an Erg this Summer

  1. Get in Shape. (Parents)
  2. Stay in shape. (Rowers & Parents)
  3. Improve your erg time. (Rowers)
  4. Exercise indoors where it is air conditioned rather than outdoors in the heat and humidity. (Rowers & Parents)
  5. Skip the gym. (Rowers & Parents)
  6. Impress your coach with your dedication. (Rowers)
  7. Lower your 2K! (Rowers)
  8. Experience what your kids complain about during winter training. (Parents)
  9. Show your parents how dedicated you are to the sport and why it’s worth all the money they spend to support you. (Rowers)
  10. Support MAD CREW! (Rowers & Parents)

If you'd like to rent or buy an erg this summer, please send an email or leave a message at 703-938-3085 by Thursday, June 1.

  • First session starts Friday, June 2 and runs through Friday, September 1.
  • Pick up for first session will be at the Crew Shed on June 2 at 6 PM and drop off will be Friday, September 1 at 6 PM.
  • Second session starts Friday, September 1 and runs through Friday, November 3
  • Pick up for second session will be at the Crew Shed on September 1 at 6 PM and drop off will be onNovember 3 at 6 PM

We will not guarantee a specific model, but will guarantee that it works correctly.

Cost for either leasing Session 1 or 2: $150.

Cost for leasing for both sessions: $250.

Please make checks out to JMCBO.

To Buy an Erg!

A limited number of older Model C ergs are for sale at $500. Send an email to or leave a message at 703-938-3085 indicating that you would like to buy one.

YOU MUST SIGN A WAIVER and bring it with you at the time of erg pick up. NOTE: A rower can sign for the erg if they are 18 years or older HOWEVER if parents plan to use the erg themselves, we need that parent’s signature also.  - Please click on the link above

Al Fox Memorial Fund Donors

MadCrew wishes to extend a hearty thank you to the Al Fox Donors:

YEAR END BANQUET -- Congrats to all!

Congrats to the entire MadCrew family for a wonderful year!

Thank you Cristiana Lightner and so many others for organizing the beautiful year end banquet.

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